Celestia: Divine Revelation

2024 | Dark RPG

Explore medieval crime mystery in Italian monastery with convoluted dungeons and fight foes in various environments. Progress story by collecting different writings and uncover dark secret of the Pomposa Abbey.

Tiny Pharaoh

2023 | Building strategy

Tiny Pharaoh is a real-time strategy game set in Ancient Egypt. Become the master builder and turn desert into a city with a functional economy. Accumulate resources and build historical monuments like pyramids, the Great Sphinx or the Lighthouse of Alexandria!

Eternis Heroes

2020 | Fantasy RPG

Explore world of Eternis and faced Astaroth, Lord of Hell. Select from nine mighty heroes with unique abilities and explore grid based world with tons of loot, monsters and different encounters.

EU Quiz

2019 | Quiz game

EU Quiz is an educational game in which you can learn and test your knowledge about Europe and the EU on more than 200 questions. Quiz game was developed in cooperation with Palacky University in Olomouc.

Game Jams

We love to participate in game jams!

We are joining several game jams every year to challenge ourselves. We love the oportunity that game james give us to learn new techniques and to prototype ideas for our future games.