SMARTcreative Games

Bunch of game developers located in Czechia

We are SMARTcreative a small indie studio of gamers that are developing free-to-play mobile games. Founded by bunch of students in 2018 as a webdesign and marketing studio and later in 2020 switched to game development studio.

Eternis Heroes

Tiny roguelike RPG focused on replayability

Explore procedurally generater world of Eternis and faced Astaroth, Lord of Hell. Select from nine mighty heroes with unique abilities and explore grid based world with tons of loot, monsters and different encounters.

Wizard Fishing

Fantasy fishing game testing reaction time

Choose a fantasy character with different spells and passives and go fishing on different maps with different perks. Each game you will start with nothing and you need to build up your wizard.

EU Quiz

Educational game testing knowladge of European Union topics

EU Quiz is an educational quiz game in which you test your knowledge about Europe and the EU on more than 200 questions. Quiz game was developed in cooperation with Palacky University in Olomouc.

Game Jams

We regulary participates in game jams to prototype our ideas

We are participating regulary in Ludum Dare game jams since Ludum Dare 45 with few exceptions. Focusing on exploring different game mechanics, pixel art styles with a focus on creating prototypes for our future games.